Tips for Choosing PICU specialist


Childcare is the most vital segment of any hospital. As the parent, it is necessary to choose the best hospital containing the renowned and efficient doctors who can give your child proper care and effective treatment. In every country, the child care unit of the hospitals has now become a notable aspect, and most of the hospitals contain paediatric and child care specialists who have a great experience, training and knowledge to offer the best treatment to your kids at the right time.

Many hospitals have paediatric intensive care unit, and there are a dedicated team of doctors who are trained to take care of the babies right from birth till they need support.

What is PICU?

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit is the place where the paediatric crucial care specialist will take special care of the child if your kid has an illness or injury that results in the unstable condition or critical condition.

Paediatric Intensive Care Unitspecialists are the medical doctors who have experience in handling a child in critical situations, and they earned a degree in doing so.

Here are some of the tips that you can look at before choosing the best PICU specialist:

    • Assure the doctor has three years of paediatric speciality residency training
    • The doctor should have more than three years of fellowship training in the paediatric critical care unit.
    • Paediatric critical care specialist knows how to examine and treat children in ways that put them at ease. In addition, paediatric critical care specialist uses medical equipment that is designed just for children.
    • If your paediatrician suggests that your child receive care from a paediatric critical care specialist, you can be assured that your child will receive the best possible medical care.
    • The paediatric specialist should be able to offer a wide range of treatment options, along with great skill in dealing with children who are all critically ill or injured.
    • Make sure that the paediatric specialist is certified or eligible to be certified in paediatric critical care medicine.

The PICU specialists are needed during the post-operative care or treat serious injuries and illnesses that include infections, overdosage of medicine, food poisoning, disorders, abnormalities and others.

The highly skilled PICU specialists and different physicians can take care of the child during emergency situations. Like the NICU specialists takes care of the new-born baby, the PICU specialists takes care of the children with health-related problems and other serious issues affecting them during their young age.

The parents should abide by the rules and regulations as instructed by the hospitals and should follow them strictly in order to cooperate along with the physicians and specialists to bring the child from the critical condition.


Caring for the child at the intensive unit is critical and difficult to handle.  This is very true when the child is in the PICU unit and it is the understanding of  handling the situations of the child and its working habits and  that is how  paediatric intensive care unit can help to ease the handling of stress while the child is admitted.

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