Things You Need to Be Aware of When the Baby Is In NICU


The NICU is a neonatal intensive care unit. A high-tech nursery specifically built for premature infants. NICU has medically trained persons who need stringent medical treatment to care for preemies and other new-borns. In order to keep the babies as safe as possible, NICUs provide trained doctors cum nurses, and premature and sick infant care equipment.

The NICU facility is typically not very bright, and to keep the new-born babies happy, it is dim and dark as noise and illumination can overwhelm babies in the NICU. To give your new-borns the best healthcare, there are several paediatric intensive care units in Hyderabad.

There may be the following facilities, depending on the babies’ medical care,

  • Ventilators that appropriately support the new-born Core.
  • Monitors that monitor the heart rate and oxygen levels of their blood.
  • Beds that give a cooling effect body to avoid brain injury in infants who have had a birth asphyxia a birth.
  • IV lines provide the baby with the requisite fluids along with the medicines that move through the veins.

All this technology and equipment make the baby happy and comfortable. It watches them and let the medical staff know when intervention  is needed for the infants.