Things You Can Do to Decrease the Risk of Preterm Labour

preterm Baby

Preterm labour is labour that starts early, before the pregnancy of 37 weeks. Labour is the mechanism that your body goes through to give birth to your child. Preterm labour can contribute to premature birth. Premature birth is when, before 37 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is born early. To grow and develop before birth, your baby needs about 40 weeks in the womb.

Who is in danger of having a preterm birth?

Several risk factors increase the chances of early delivery of a baby. Being pregnant with multiples, getting babies close together, or experiencing health problems during pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes. However, many females with risk factors for preterm birth continue to deliver stable, full-term infants, which is why predicting or avoiding a preterm birth is difficult. But no matter whatever the reason is, there are many preborn baby doctors in Hyderabad to take care of the baby and the mother.

Here are a few precautions you can take to prevent preterm labour, 

Schedule the births and isolate them for at least 18 months.

It gives your body some time to recover by waiting 18 months before you get pregnant again and decreases your risk of having another preterm birth. Pregnancy preparation makes sure that new arrival is planned for you, your family, and your body.

After you give birth, use highly efficient contraception as soon as possible.

Using the most efficient contraception methods is the safest way to guarantee 18 months of space between pregnancies. Speak about what form of contraception is right for you with your doctor. You should start using those methods of contraception safely before you even leave the hospital.