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3 Reasons Why Kids Need a Different Hospital Than Adults

When your child falls sick or gets injured, you often have to rush them to a hospital. As a parent, we want our child gets the best possible medical treatment and care. For this reason, we chose a paediatric hospital dedicated to treating children over a regular adult’s hospital. We list below three reasons why you should always take your child to a paediatric hospital.

  1. Kids have different medical needs – A child’s body is at a growing stage, and even though they have the same organs and systems as an adult, the body functions may differ at different ages. The team of doctors has to consider, anticipating how their bodies particularly act and react compared to adults and how the treatment will affect them later in life. They also have to possess the expertise in performing procedures on such small children. To treat kids, you need smaller medical equipment that most adult hospitals may not possess. The blood pressure cuffs and needles for kid’s smaller veins cannot be found in any hospital. Moreover, the treatments need to be child centric. For instance, children easily lose heat as compared to adults. That is why a paediatric hospital is equipped with unique warming lights and blankets to offer them warmth during surgery. Along with this, kids need to get treated under doctors and nurses who have specialized and have experience in treating children and teens. They are able to meet the unique requirements of the kids. A paediatric hospital has specialized doctors in large numbers.

  1. Kid’s emotional needs vary – Hospital stay is frightening for a child. To stay away from home in an unknown place in front of strangers can take a toll on the child’s emotional health. Paediatric specialists are trained to make the child feel safe and secured; give them the feeling of being at home. They know how to communicate with children of all ages, how to fulfil their emotional needs, and build trust. To be able to understand an infant who is unable to communicate his feelings can be done only by the best paediatrician  in Hyderabad. It is not easy to get a child through his 45 minutes of MRI. Some children are too cranky, some too shy to open up, while some need their parent’s presence at all times. To deal with such children can happen only in a paediatric hospital under a paediatric doctor’s guidance.

  1. Kids have different environmental needs – The best paediatric hospital in Hyderabad is designed to make the child feel comfortable. They have amenities for children like a library, play area, relaxing room, aquarium with fish child friendly entertainment show on TV, etc., that can help the child unwind. It is important to keep the child occupied in things that he/she likes to do while being treated at a hospital. The hospital rooms of a paediatric hospital are colourful, vibrant, and kid-friendly, making the child’s, stay happy and fun. The hospital usually allows 24 hours of visiting time for kids. This makes it easy for the child and the parent.

Thus, we see the reasons why kids need a paediatric hospital.