Respiratory Medicine in Hyderabad

Respiratory Medicine

Are you struggling with a respiratory disease? If yes, then you need to look for a pulmonologist urgently. A pulmonologist will help you in diagnosing and treating your lung or respiratory condition. Before moving ahead, it is important to know who a pulmonologist is. How do they help you in the treatment of your health condition?

Who is a pulmonologist?

A pulmonologist is a doctor who is specialized in the treatment of respiratory system-related diseases. If the patient is having compliant, which involves any part of the respiratory system, then a pulmonologist is consulted.

A paediatric pulmonologist is a doctor who has expertise and qualification in the treatment of a child’s breathing or lung problem. He diagnoses, treats, and manages the lung and breathing-related diseases of children up to 21 years of age.


When is Paediatric Pulmonologist approached?

A paediatric pulmonologist provides treatment to the patients having serious or chronic breathing problems. He does not look after the short term or mild respiratory conditions. His