Premature Delivery in Hyderabad

Premature Delivery

We everyone at Bloom Mother & Child Hospitals pray for normal delivery for all the pregnant women. But the case of premature delivery is a distressing event for the parents and the pregnant women have to face extra challenges. Premature birth takes place more than 3 weeks before the estimated delivery date. In other words, it is the birth that occurs before the start of the 37th week of pregnancy.  We assure both the pregnant woman and the baby with extra care and protection to avoid any sort of complications in delivery and afterward.

Special consideration to symptoms

Preemie babies may show very mild symptoms of premature birth or more obvious complications. Some of the symptoms of prematurity include small size with a disproportionately large head, fine hair covering much of the body, sharper looking due to lack of fat stores, low body temperature, lack of reflexes for swallowing and sucking making feeding difficulties, and laboured breathing or respiratory distress. Our team of doctors and nurses give special consideration to each of the symptoms to provide the best treatment for premature baby delivery in Hyderabad.

Premature baby

Special Care Assured