Pregnancy in Hyderabad


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The most exciting phase in every mother’s life is when she gets pregnant. Especially when it is the first pregnancy, it completely changes her outlook towards her life. Apart from the cravings, sleepless nights, mood swings, etc., a woman goes through many painful but sweet memorizing moments. This phase is completely different from a usual lifestyle, and the whole experience from conception to childbirth is quietly heavenly.

The pregnancy term of nine months is like a preparatory period that prepares a mother for the whole life job of being a parent. Throughout pregnancy, a mother goes through a lot of changes. Her body requires proper care and medical examination. This is what is covered under antenatal check-up.

What is an Antenatal Check-up?

In Antenatal check-up, the foetus is well taken care of when it is growing inside the mother’s womb. This antenatal check-up program begins with 8-10 weeks of the pregnancy, and the first antenatal scan is scheduled in this period. From this period onwards, the specialist will undertake all the check-ups and keep monitoring the foetus inside the mother’s side, he or she will also observe if there is any abnormality taking place in the foetus’s growth.

The antenatal visit is a part of the trimester visit. These check-ups help to make sure that the mother delivers a normal healthy baby without any complications and abnormalities. These regular check-ups also help in preparing mothers for the possible complications related to her and the baby’s health. In this, the doctors help mothers to take necessary preventive measures whenever needed.