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Preconception Counselling

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When a couple plans to conceive, they need to take care of many aspects related to health and screening to find out if their body is ready for conception. Meeting a healthcare professional before planning a child is known as preconception counselling. It helps a couple in identifying the risk factors and medical issues related to women’s fertility. It is said that preconception counselling should be considered an integral part of healthcare for women of reproductive age.

We at Bloom Hospitals have health experts who can counsel and guide you before planning a pregnancy. We are well equipped with all amenities for performing various tests and screenings based on which our experts offer consultation. We have emerged as a well-known name in the field of preconception care treatment in Hyderabad.

Need for Preconception Counselling for Couples

The counselling sessions deal with common preconception issues such as family planning, having an ideal body weight, detection and treatment of diseases, appropriate immunization and reviewing the ongoing medication. The aim of counselling is also to control chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and seizures to ensure that your pregnancy is smooth and safe.

However, one of the most common challenges faced with preconception counselling is that it doesn’t happen since most pregnancies are unplanned. Health experts say that preconception counselling should be made a part of general healthcare for women of the reproductive age as at least half of the pregnancies are unplanned and there remains no scope for counselling.

Another issue is that couples fail to understand the significance of preconception counselling. They take many biological conditions easily and never analyse the underlying problems.


How does the Preconception Counselling Proceed?

  • You first need to fill a questionnaire wherein you must provide the details of previous medical history, previous pregnancies, menstrual history, contraceptive use, STDs, pap smears, and vaginal infections. You also need to provide family history and lifestyle details.
  • The next step is a physical assessment and lab tests.
  • Then we offer counselling about fertility awareness.
  • On the basis of the above tests and details, we may offer suggestions on certain dietary and lifestyle changes.

The couples are tested for following during preconception counselling:

  • Thyroid disorders
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Hepatitis B&C
  • Rubella IgG
  • Blood groups and type
  • Complete blood count
  • Diabetes/ Impaired glucose tolerance
  • Semen analysis for assessing the fertility potential in the male partner
  • Tests for checking ovarian reserve for assessing fertility potential in the female partner.
  • Pelvic ultrasound scan and vaginal examination for exact status of the uterus and ovaries.
  • A cervical smear is also performed.

Some of the major areas that are addressed by preconception counselling are fertility issues, a vaccine for preventable diseases, nutritional conditions, environmental health, genetic conditions, and mental health.

For preconception health care in Hyderabad get in touch with our team as it has a wide range of health benefits and prepares the couple for pregnancy.

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