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Pediatrics Surgery

Pediatric Surgery

All parents want the best medical treatment for their children when sick. They want to consult a surgeon who is well qualified and has years of experience in treating and operating the same. Pediatric surgeons are the surgeons who provide extensive surgical care to the children. They operate children with the development ages ranging from infancy to the teenage.

What is Pediatric Surgery?

Sometimes the children are born with conditions which are incompatible with the good quality of their life. These conditions need to be urgently treated with the help of surgeries. Pediatric surgery is a type of surgery that is performed on fetuses, infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. This surgery involves the diagnosis, preoperative, operative, and post-operative management of surgical problems of children.

The pediatric surgeon, with the help and coordination of other specialists, takes good medical of children. They collectively decide the type of surgery to be performed on the child to ensure his long life.

Pediatric Surgery
Pediatrics Surgery Aims

What pediatric surgery aims at?

In pediatric surgery, the main aim of the pediatric surgeons is to provide expert surgical care to the conditions and problems of children that require immediate surgical intervention. These surgeries could either be transplantation or laparoscopic operations.

The pediatric surgeons also have the following areas of responsibilities:

  • Neonatal- The pediatric surgeons also have expertise in providing surgical treatments regarding birth defects.
  • Prenatal- The pediatric surgeons can also detect and treat the fetal stage abnormalities with the help of radiologists. They also plan the surgery type based on condition and also educate the baby’s parents about the same.
  • Trauma- Pediatric surgeons also treat children with traumatic injuries that require urgent intervention. They also conduct accident prevention programs for the education of the communities in the prevention of the same.
  • Oncology- The pediatric surgeons also diagnose and treat children with malignant tumors and benign growths.

Why choose Bloom Hospitals for Pediatric Surgery?

The department of pediatric surgery at Bloom Hospitals aims to provide highly committed excellent service in surgical care. We have always strived to deliver the best of our services. We make use of the latest surgical advancements. Our team of surgeons, nurses and other medical personnel at Bloom Hospitals has the required expertise and specialized knowledge for the treatment of young child patients.

We perform both general and highly specialized surgical procedures and treatments. The treatment given by our team ensures the best possible chances of a child’s recovery with the least incisions and trauma. We use minimally invasive surgery techniques which cause less pain and also ensure quick recovery by the young patients. This is why we are called the best pediatric surgeon in Hyderabad. We provide 24 X 7 services to our patients who involve the diagnosis, consultation, management and follow-up. Our team of pediatric surgery is highly experienced and dedicated that they will contribute the best in the surgery and the treatment of your child’s illness and help you get rid of any worries.

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