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Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

You may suffer from stress if your kid is admitted in the hospital, but you become worried even more if he/she is admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. This situation may arise, but you need to keep calm as your baby in PICU will be treated with intensive medical care which helps him/her to recover at a faster rate.

What is the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit?

Children who are critically ill and are in need of the highest form of medical care are admitted to PICU. In this specialized unit, proper monitoring of different parameters such as blood pressure, breathing rate and heart rate are done on a continuous basis. Some special types of therapies are also provided by the trained medical staff of the hospital.

Pediatric Intensive Care

Who needs to be admitted to PICUs?

When any child is critically ill and requires intensive medical care is admitted to PICUs. Other main hospital units cannot provide this focused care. Children who are admitted to PICUs may be suffering from certain heart conditions, breathing problems, any accident that has occurred, or complicated diabetes. After a major surgery, the child remains under the monitoring phase for several days to check for recovery. Some children may be admitted for only one day, and others need to be admitted for a number of days. Parents are also allowed in the PICU for emotional help to their children as the PICU staff fulfils their physical needs. Often parents are encouraged to go to their homes by hospital staff as they also need rest, and they can come to the hospital refreshed in the morning.

Why Bloom Hospitals?

Bloom hospitals are known for best PICU Pediatrician in Hyderabad. We have the specially trained health professionals and up to date technology which helps in taking intensive personal care of each and every child admitted to PICU. Our doctors are available 24X7 with changing shifts to take care of critically ill patients. Our medical care professionals have the skill, experience, extensive knowledge, expertise and judgment to achieve the best outcomes from critical injury or illness.

Our PICU is equipped with the latest technologies for the management and monitoring of patients. PICU is equipped with HEPA filters for maintaining a bacteria-free circulation of air. Various amenities include up to date ultrasonic machines, 2-D echo machines, continuous EEG monitoring equipment, intracranial pressure monitoring facility and haemodialysis machines, high-frequency oscillators, nitric oxide delivery units and modern ventilators.

Our medical experts’ team include specialists in anaesthesia, nephrology, oncology, hepatology, haematology, neurosurgery, gastroenterology, emergency medicine, etc. Proper infection control practices are followed by professional infection control team.

We, at Bloom Hospitals, provide affordable healthcare facility with quality services. Ethical service is our motto so that every family is satisfied with our amazing professional service. We are in this field since 1993 and are providing continuous expert services to date. Our total transparency attribute with expert services have gained us numerous positive reviews from different families.

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