Painless Delivery in Hyderabad


Painless Delivery

Every woman has been gifted with the beautiful process of childbirth. This is a kind of pain that every woman wants to go through as it makes her strong, and she gets to meet her baby. But, at the same time, this is the most difficult and risky procedure that every expecting mother has to bear. Earlier, the women have to go through painful childbirth, and some women could not even bear and had to face critical conditions. But now the procedure of childbirth has become painless. The developments and advancements in medical science have eased down and managed labour pains during childbirth.

Types or stages of Labour Pain

There are two labour pain stages; they are explained below:

  • The first stage of labour pain is visceral pain. In this, the mother suffers from abdominal cramping and contractions in the uterine.
  • The second stage of pain is somatic pain. In this stage, the mother experiences sharp continuous pain. This stage also includes nerve entrapment which occurs due to the foetal head.

The most important rule for an obstetrician is to choose a method in which there occurs less pain to the patient.

Administration of Labour Pain Relief

The hospitals nowadays use two methods for the administration of labour pain relief. One is pharmacological methods that involve narcotics etc. and the other is non-pharmacological, which involves hydrotherapy, acupuncture, etc. breathing exercises can also help in painless delivery. An expecting mother must go through various breathing modulations and practice them at different stages of delivery. The important and correct posture must be communicated to the mother for the safe and right delivery.

Painless Normal
painless delivery

Why choose Bloom Hospitals for painless normal deliveries?

We at Bloom hospitals pledge to take the best care of both the mother and the child. We assure our patients that we perform painless delivery in Hyderabad. We aim that our patients leave our premises with the greatest bundle of joy healthily and happily. Our highly skilled and dedicated team of obstetricians has great knowledge and experience in the execution of painless deliveries. Our passionate staff of doctors, nurses, and others works very hard to ensure the smoothest normal delivery without any glitches.

We put all the necessary efforts to make this wonderful journey of yours beautiful and painless. Our staff also understands that it’s not just about delivering a baby; instead, it is a whole process that begins with the pregnancy to the childbirth.

Our dedicated team of doctors also offers consultancy services to expecting mothers throughout the whole journey of pregnancy. Their consultancy services also include emotional counselling, correct postures, communications with the whole family about the necessary precautions and safety measures. The doctors take care of every single step during the procedure of childbirth. They patiently perform their duties and make the patient comfortable about the whole process.

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