Obstetrics is a field which specializes in woman’s reproductive system, childbirth and pregnancy. Many other types of doctors can also deliver babies, but an obstetrician is preferred by many families if there are some complications. An obstetrician looks after the woman during the pregnancy period, the birth of the baby and post-natal period. He/she is an expert in delivering a perfectly healthy baby with no complications, and if the complications arise, he/she is an expert to handle those complications. The best obstetrician in Hyderabad- Bloom Hospitals have a track record of successful deliveries and take proper care during the post-natal period by considering several precautions.

Speciality of Bloom Hospitals in Obstetrics

Bloom Hospitals have latest LDR Suites (Labour, Delivery Recovery) to take care of women as well as babies. Our expert team of doctors ensure professional expertise and ethical practices. Our years of experience since 1993 has made us a leading expert in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology. We provide world-class services for delivering a perfectly healthy baby. The services include-

  • Monitoring baby’s health as well as the mother’s health by doing regular tests like ultrasound, etc.
  • Checking complications which occur during pregnancy like infections, diabetes, high blood pressure, and genetic disorders.
  • Aiding mother to cope with morning sickness, heartburn, leg and back pain and other problems.
  • Explaining the whole process of labour as well as delivery.
  • Advising diet, medications and exercises needed for staying healthy.
  • Delivering the babies with expertise.
  • Monitoring the mother’s health while she recovers after the labour.

During pregnancy, several complications may arise like ectopic pregnancy where the embryo is inside of the fallopian tube, problems of high blood pressure, placenta, foetal distress as a result of compression, etc. We, at Bloom Hospitals, have the expertise to handle these kinds of complications effectively. Our team ensures personal attention to each patient and regularly checks the needs of the patients. Any minor or major complication is thoroughly monitored by our team. We have the latest equipment and technologies to handle the childbirth process. Whether the delivery of the baby is normal or caesarean, our doctors handle each of them professionally. You can ask any questions related to reproductive health, infertility, pregnancy and various other related topics.

Trust in Bloom Hospitals

Childbirth is an extraordinary process which marks the beginning of a new generation. This journey is beautiful and emotional for the mother as well as the whole family. Our expert team of doctors and nurses ensure that this journey from the starting of 1st trimester to post-natal care is carried out in a comfortable and satisfying way. After the delivery of the baby, we are overjoyed by seeing the mother and other members of the family holding the baby in their hands and making several expressions. This moment is memorable to you as well as us. So trust in Bloom Hospitals as we have the best team of Gynaecologist and Obstetrician in Hyderabad for taking your utmost care and helping you deliver the gift of your life.

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