Neonatal Transportation Services in Hyderabad


Need for neonatal transportation service

Many times, newborn babies have certain medical conditions that need immediate medical attention with the specialist or paediatrics, which may not be there in the childbirth hospital. This can also happen when babies are born prematurely. The newborn babies need to be safely taken to the other hospital for treatment. For this purpose, one needs a specialized ambulance that is operated by a team of rapid action medical specialists that make sure that premature babies are taken to another hospital with proper care.

These services act as the best emergency medical transportation service. It needs to be known that infants need the best transportation along with specialized NICU services along with incubators and experienced paediatricians. The service needs to quick but safe for the infant. It helps the premature child and children with other traumatic conditions. During the transport all intensive care facilities are available.

About Bloom Hospitals

For neonatal transportation services in Hyderabad, you can get in touch with Bloom Hospitals. We offer the best neonatal transport service 24/7*365. Our transportation units consist of the following:

  • Passive cooling
  • Total body cooling therapy
  • Nitric oxide
  • Blanket warmers
  • Ambient lighting to enhance relaxation
  • Heart and lung monitors
  • High frequency and conventional ventilators
  • Enhanced vehicle hydraulics to make sure that child has a smoother ride