Book the best labour delivery room in Hyderabad at Bloom Hospitals

After the completion of the 9 months of pregnancy, the to-be-parents wait eagerly to meet their bundle of joy. The delivery room plays a crucial role as much as the hospital and your healthcare provider during the pregnancy do. The labour delivery and recover room must be well equipped and comfortable with making the delivery process easier for the mother and the child.

It is always recommended to start looking for labour rooms in advance and also make the booking so that there is no hassle just before or at the time of delivery. When you have advance bookings, you can simply reach the hospital as and when the mom-to-be goes in labour and is ready for the childbirth.

About Labour and Delivery Room

The labour room is one of the most versatile rooms in any hospital. It is called the labour delivery and recovery room. These are the room used by hospital and birth centres for childbirth and recovery. Once your labour pain begins, you will be taken to the LDR. This means that you will be spending your labour hours in the LDR and the childbirth will also take place here.

The LDR is designed for all types of childbirth. It can manage a birth for women choosing unmedicated delivery as well as the ones going with an epidural. Most of these labour rooms are also capable of handling emergency procedures, including vacuum deliveries and forceps. The only time you need to leave the room is when you need to go for caesarean or when there is a high potential of c-section such as twin births or vaginal breech birth attempt.