Knowing About Covid-19 Vaccination in India

The DGCI has approved two vaccines to prevent Covid-19 in India:

  1. COVAXIN: India’s first COVID-19 vaccine, developed in cooperation with the Indian Council of Medical Research.
  2. Covishield: Developed by the University of Oxford in partnership with AstraZeneca and manufactured for Indian citizens by Serum Institute of India.

Both vaccines are now being mainly provided to hospitals and frontline staff, individuals above the age of 50, and high-risk patients. Obtaining a Covid-19 vaccine is already at the top of everyone’s priority list.

It is natural for most of us to have concerns about the procedure, including what to expect before, during, and after the Covid-19 vaccination. Here’s what you need to do:

The covid vaccine registration process

  1. Use the Co-Win app, the AarogyaSetu app, or visit the website
  2. Only enter your phone number.
  3. Fill in the OTP to create an account.
  4. Fill in your name, age, gender, and upload a photo ID document (Aadhar Card, Voter card, Driver’s License, PAN Card, Passport, or a Pension Document with a photograph).
  5. Select a date and a vaccination place.

You will get an acknowledgment on the registered mobile number.

For senior citizens, there are other choices.

Option 1: They can enrol at a COVID vaccine centre. 

Option 2: They can contact 1507 to get the same information.

Need for the Covid-19 vaccine

Although getting the Covid-19 vaccine is completely optional, it is highly recommended because it helps to stop the spread of infection. Vaccination is critical for your health as well as the health of your loved ones, including families, acquaintances, colleagues, co-workers, and everyone else with whom you come into physical contact.

Furthermore, a Covid-19 recovering person should not be afraid to get the vaccine because it is highly prescribed for anyone, regardless of previous illnesses, rehabilitation, or virus background.

After-effects of covid-19 vaccination

Unless they have a contraindication against some kind of vaccination, all vaccinations are considered healthy for people with a history of or who are undergoing medical procedures. Have an appointment with a specialist, and make sure to tell them of any medical problems you might have. Before receiving the vaccine, notify the doctor of any reactions you have of any drugs or medical treatments you’ve had or are having.

After covid-19 vaccination, you may face some of the following issues:

Mild side effects may not necessitate hospitalization. However, if you have serious side effects, such as severe allergic responses, an unusual infection, seizures, or any other unforeseen side effects, you may need to be admitted. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should contact your doctor right away so that they can take action.

Covid-19 vaccines are safe, and significant side effects are rare, so getting vaccinated and protecting yourself against the coronavirus is a good idea. Although, Covid-19 vaccination service is available to citizens but wearing a mask in public, maintaining social distance, following hand hygiene recommendations, respiratory hygiene, and other ways of preventing the spread of Covid-19 infection are still relevant.

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