How to Choose the Best Maternity Hospital


You might have lots of questions when you are having the plan of getting a baby. And it is a worrisome time when it comes to choosing the right hospital for the best delivery without any complications during the childbirth. Of course, there are many things that are to be considered when you want to choose the best maternity hospital in Hyderabad, Chennai or anywhere you are staying.

There are many reasons that parents should consider in mind while selecting the best maternity hospital to give a safe delivery. With the overwhelming points to think, there we put some of the points to remember before you choose the right maternity hospital.

  • Check whether the hospital has clinically excellence in labour and delivery – Assure that the hospitals have the best staff and labour experts, and the hospital should contain a team of certified specialists to guide.
  • The distance of the hospital from your place – It is necessary that the distance is a major role during the final days of pregnancy. And assure the hospital is not too far from your house staying as in case of the labour pain you need to rush immediately to the hospital.
  • Proper medical estimation and cost-effective – Hospital billing is the major problem faced by the parents, although there are many insurances claims available. Before choosing the best hospitals, get the proper estimation of the expenditure and check if they are in the budget.
  • Facilities to the postpartum care for you and baby – After the hard delivery, it is necessary to care for the newborn baby and mom. Assure that the hospitals have the facility to make you comfortable with the homely care with the postpartum rooms. They should have a team of nurses who can support breastfeeding, and proper guidance should be given to the parents.
  • Availability of the doctors and paediatrician – It is well known that the child needs good medical assistance once after the birth. It is very important to take ultimate care of the baby during the first few weeks and so assure some best doctors and paediatricians visits often to check the conditions of the baby.
  • Maternity set-up – Assure they have ventilated and spacious delivery room which are sterile and recovery rooms.
  • Facilities and technologies in the hospital – Assure the hospitals have the best recent technologies such as neonatal ICUs and operation theatres.
  • Packages of the pregnancy – Assure that the hospitals have different packages that assist the parents to cover the classes during the pregnancy, counselling after delivery, screening, scanning facilities, antenatal classes, and dietary technicians assisting in food, etc. the hospital should cover the secondary needs of the parents.
  • Qualified medical consultants – Make sure the hospitals you choose for have qualified doctors, best maternity specialist and obstetricians, anaesthetist and multidisciplinary specialists to treat you during the time of emergencies.


While motherhood is the best part of the women’s life, choosing the best hospital for delivery will always stay as a stressful factor. Above are some of the tips on how to choose the best maternity hospital near your place to keep you safe and secure during the delivery.

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