Gynecology Obstetrics Surgery

W O M A N & M A T E R N A L H E A L T H

At Bloom Hospitals, we believe in improving the health of
our patients by providing quality care best suited for the
patients need. Our expert teams render impeccable
gynecology, maternity and pre- and postnatal services in
an ambiance punctuated with warmth, comfort and

While our state-of-the-art infrastructure enables
consistently positive clinical outcomes, our skilled doctor
and nurse teams ensure an unparalleled patient
experience across age groups – from infants to senior
citizens. Our adult OPD is open for extended hours to
facilitate consultations for working, studying women.
Women having their babies at Bloom Hospital receive
care and advice from their chosen consultants. Working
together with the soon-to-be mom, we design a safe care
the plan that suits her and the baby, through every stage of
pregnancy and birth.

Discretion is key at Bloom Hospitals, and we ensure that
you have space, security, and privacy you need to
enjoy these precious early moments as a family. To
prepare the mom-in-waiting for the exhilarating journey
ahead, we also offer exclusive antenatal classes and
postnatal care packages, delivered within small groups
or on a one-to-one basis.

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