Family Centered Care

We provide basic adult inpatient care as part of our family-oriented services. Obstetrics (for high risk) is considered a part of our specialized parental care services.


The less seriously ill patients are taken care of in the rooms which provide them privacy while being treated.


Our outpatient services both pediatric and adult are managed by a senior pediatrician and physician for nearly 12 to 16 hours. The nights are covered by senior registrars with consultants available for critical emergencies.


A vital link between the relatives of the critically ill patients in an ICU and the hospital, this person is able to provide you with current and updated information both medical and financial about your loved ones who are getting well with us.

Facilities for the stay of the relatives of Critical Patients along with tea and coffee are available in the hospital.


  • Well baby care
  • Immunization
  • Asthma counseling
  • Diabetic and hypertension counseling


Our staff is kept up to date through CME programmes and advanced training programmes. Our library is equipped with the latest learning aids, books and a number of important journals.


How We Treat

The Janapareddy Hospitals takes pride in the use of progressive medical and IT management practices to deliver superior treatment and better services.

Janapareddy hospital recognizes the importance of treating all aspects of the patient, including emotional well-being and that of the child’s family. Families are active partners in patient care teams and we encourage families to be present as much as possible to create a comfortable atmosphere for our patients. Care is exclusively tailored for infants, children and adolescents – our staff of pediatric experts creates a warm, friendly environment as they address each child’s medical and developmental needs.

Parents are our partners on the healthcare team. While our expertise is on children, parents are the experts on their children.

The Centre recognizes the stress that a patient’s family undergoes during the treatment tenure. As a result, the Centre also provides support for the psychological well-being of the immediate families of its patients. The Center’s special support groups help families plan successful parenthood through education on the various stages in parenting Counseling the critically ill patient’s parents and care givers is scheduled twice a day, for detailed discussion about the nature of disease, its treatment, complications, prognosis and the cost involved.

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