Facts About PCOS and Fertility You Need to Know


After the age of adolescence, each girl has a chance of having PCOS. They see symptoms like acne, obesity, male-type hair growth on the face, few periods, and enlarged multi-cystic ovaries are some of the symptoms that girls face today. PCOS is a hormonal condition where ovaries are unable to release an egg at the end of the month cycle. This may lead to conceiving problems and fertility problems for many women.

If one has polycystic ovaries (PCO) does not mean one has PCOS. PCO is when ovaries are varying in size from other women’s ovaries. PCOS means imbalanced levels of hormones and leads to various problems physically or mentally. The cause of this order is still complex; a combination of environmental factors can be a major problem of PCOS. It is very important to get their PCOS treatment done, or women may have face fertility problems. Not only women but girls after their adolescence may face such problems

Following are some of the facts that all the women need to know about PCOS-

  • PCO symptoms – If one is diagnosed with PCOS she would have PCO where they have various symptoms like acne or oily skin, pelvic pain, irregular period, excessive body or facial hair, bodyweight disorder, high blood pressure, skin tags, ovarian cysts, etc.
  • PCOS symptoms – Women may have more follicles or may have ovaries larger than the normal size. These may lead to fertility issues. 
  • Causes – Many reasons are still unknown. But the reasons or causes of PCOS can be the defect in pituitary glands, insulin resistance, inflammation, genes, and many more unknown causes.
  • What are the treatments?  After studying the detailed medical history, the doctors evaluate and customize the treatments according to the patient’s condition. They suggest the patients to manage their weights, suggest a healthy diet, and various medications. 
  • Diagnosis and management of PCOS – It is complex to diagnose and manage PCOS, but the treatment is not that complex. Laparoscopic surgery or IVF help women in conceiving. 
  • Conception chances – Different treatments have different success rates; most women will be able to conceive with the treatments available today like laparoscopic surgery or IVF. 
  • Mental health – Many couples face infertility issues which may generate negative thoughts or feelings of anger and failure. It is equally important for them to take care of their mental health as well. But all the hustle would be forgotten once the couple conceives.
  • Teleconsultation – In today’s time of the pandemic, it is important to provide special services to them. It provides services to patients who because of the corona cannot travel long distances. 

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