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Ear Nose Throat Paediatric ENT

Ear, nose and throat problems can affect kids of all ages. These problems will affect routine tasks such as breathing, hearing and eating. In case of any of these problems, you need to consult Paediatric ENT specialists who are also known as otolaryngologists. All the diseases related to ear, nose or throat is treated by best ENT specialist in Hyderabad like Bloom Hospitals. An otolaryngologist treats issues like hearing loss, chronic sinusitis, smell disorders, nasal obstruction, polyps, allergies and disorders related to oesophagus or larynx. He/she also treats tumours, infections, facial trauma, and other deformities of the face.

Why, according to biology, ear, nose and throat conditions are treated together?

Ear, nose and throat, all are located in the area from head to the neck. There are several pathways which connect ear, nose and throat. These work together to help you hear, taste, smell and breathe. But if one of the parts gets affected, others may get affected too. Let’s take an example- Eustachian tube that starts from the middle of the ear and ends at the back of the throat. Its main purpose is to drain the fluid created by the middle ear. If it gets blocked at the throat end, the fluid will build at the ear and cause earaches or ear infections.

ENT Problems
ENT Problems

Why consult Bloom Hospitals?

We, at Bloom Hospitals with our expert team of healthcare professionals, evaluate your child’s ear, nose, throat and head disorders and recommend you best and the safest treatment possible. Most of the conditions such as simple headaches, coughs, colds and muscle pulls are managed very easily and effectively. But the vital organs in the head or neck areas may develop serious disorders which require serious attention.

Our experienced team with the best state of the art technology treat patients with all the disorders related to ear, nose, or throat. If your child develops symptoms related to these disorders, you need to consult paediatrician for expert advice.

We also have a great success rate in major surgeries such as ear reconstruction, removing superficial and neck abscesses and laser surgeries. Our cochlear implant surgery is the best in the industry for profound hearing loss.

Get Personalized treatment at Bloom Hospitals

Exceptional care – We provide the best in class exceptional care to the children that bring a smile on the faces of children as well as parents.

Leading therapies- Our most effective treatments comprise of advanced surgical solutions that treat sleep-disordered breathing as well as childhood deafness.

Paediatric ENT experts- Extra level of care is provided by Paediatric ENT experts who are professionally skilled, talented and comforting. Our experts treat children of any age with proper use of technology to provide successful results.

Our journey from 1993 to date consists of several successfully treated children who had ear, nose and throat disorders or problems. We continuously follow our vision of expert services and ethical practices. So, in case of any problem, don’t worry and contact Bloom Hospitals, which is the best ENT hospital in Hyderabad.

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