Child Growth and Development

Child Growth And Development

We everyone at Bloom Mother & Child Hospital pray every day for good birth and health of babies and the mothers. It is quite miserable that some children experience some sort of developmental and behavioural problems. But there is no need for the parents to feel distressed and worried since we are here with well trained and experienced teams of paediatric specialists to take care of the growth of your child or children. We are specialized in Developmental Paediatrics, which is the medical branch focusing on child growth and development.

Holistic intervention 

Our paediatricians diagnose and treat children and adolescents with their family members who face the challenges resulting from a wide range of developmental and behavioural difficulties. Our child development centre provides a premium and holistic approach for children with developmental delays and additional needs like autism, learning disorders, ADHD, etc.

Our team of specialists spends enough time with the child and parents for individual evaluation to plan intervention program to assure the best treatment for child growth development in Hyderabad.

Holistic intervention