Ask the Right Questions to Choose a Good Doctor for Your Child

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From the day you hear that you are pregnant, you make choices that last for the life of your child, such as the name you choose for your child. To give your baby the healthiest possible start, you may want to find a paediatrician to care for your infant from their first hospital visit through the teen years. 

Doctors are being put to the test more and more. Experts also established recommendations for practice outlining how physicians can treat simple preventive treatment to complicated surgical conditions. Each medical specialty has regulatory bodies that set educational standards and assess their physicians’ initial and continuing qualifications and knowledge base. Several specialties are broken down into subspecialties that also have associations that can provide patients with physician knowledge. For example, foot & ankle surgeons, hand surgeons, sports medicine surgeons, and spine surgeons can be studied.

Here are ways to finding the right doctor for your child,

Getting a Referral

Your paediatrician or primary care doctor is an excellent source of knowledge and can recommend a specialist for you. Reach out to the specialist and ask for a specialist’s recommendation in your area. Be sure to consider the doctor’s bedside manner, the office experience, staff availability, ease of scheduling an appointment, and the result of any operations if it is a general surgeonOften take a look at the hospital where patients are treated by your prospective doctor or admitted.

General surgery

Five essential questions to ask-

  • Speaking to your doctor, are you comfortable? Is your baby comfortable? Do you feel comfortable opening up to your doctor and answering all of your questions? You should be able to express your questions efficiently.
  • Does your doctor answer all of the queries? Does she/he provide you with data in a way you understand? Do you feel hurried on a visit to the office? Do you feel at ease answering all the questions that you have? Do they answer in a timely way if you call your doctor’s office?
  • Does your physician conduct the treatment routinely when surgery is involved?Studies show that practice leads to higher rates of success and fewer problems. Note that the caseload can be more important than a surgeon’s age when choosing a general child surgeon.Do you have your doctor situated in an easily accessible location? To find an excellent professional, you shouldn’t have to travel a long way. This makes the experience more convenient and will help your recovery. If you have any complications after surgery, your doctor will be there to guide your recovery and support you.

  • Ask questions explicitly. You need not be concerned about your doctor being offended. It is all right to ask:

             Do you feel at ease doing this procedure?

             What problems did you experience?

             Are you accredited by the board?


Second Opinions

If your doctor is not willing to give you a particular opinion, it should be avoided. When confident in her/his treatment plan, the doctor does not think about consulting another doctor to confirm a recommendation.


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