Antenatal Postnatal Care in Hyderabad

postnantal care

Antenatal Postnatal Care

After the confirmation of the pregnancy, it becomes important to schedule your regular required appointments with your GP or midwife. These appointments which you attend during your pregnancy are called the antenatal appointments.

What is antenatal care?

Antenatal care is a kind of preventive medical care in which you visit your GP or midwife for regular check-ups to treat or prevent the health problems which can occur during your pregnancy. The goal of antenatal care is to ensure and promote a healthy lifestyle of both the mother and the child. Antenatal care is also known as prenatal care.

Postnatal Care

Why is it important to attend antenatal appointments?

  • Regular antenatal appointments are important because they allow your GP or health care team to assist both mother and the baby in staying fit and healthy.
  • It is important to attend your antenatal appointments even when you and the baby are doing perfectly well because it will help you to identify, reduce, and prevent the potential risk.
  • These appointments also allow mothers to ask all pregnancy-related questions to their GP or midwife.
  • These healthcare people also help you to design your pregnancy lifestyle, which includes suggestions like avoiding drinking, smoking, etc. These suggestions will benefit both mother and child throughout and after the pregnancy.

After the 9 months roller coaster ride of pregnancy when the child takes birth, it becomes more crucial to take care of both mother and the child in the first few hours and days post-delivery. The postnatal care begins right after the delivery of the child and lasts up to 6 to 8 weeks.

What is Postnatal Care?