Antenatal Postnatal Care in Hyderabad

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Antenatal Postnatal Care

After the confirmation of the pregnancy, it becomes important to schedule your regular required appointments with your GP or midwife. These appointments which you attend during your pregnancy are called the antenatal appointments.

What is antenatal care?

Antenatal care is a kind of preventive medical care in which you visit your GP or midwife for regular check-ups to treat or prevent the health problems which can occur during your pregnancy. The goal of antenatal care is to ensure and promote a healthy lifestyle of both the mother and the child. Antenatal care is also known as prenatal care.

Postnatal Care

Why is it important to attend antenatal appointments?

  • Regular antenatal appointments are important because they allow your GP or health care team to assist both mother and the baby in staying fit and healthy.
  • It is important to attend your antenatal appointments even when you and the baby are doing perfectly well because it will help you to identify, reduce, and prevent the potential risk.
  • These appointments also allow mothers to ask all pregnancy-related questions to their GP or midwife.
  • These healthcare people also help you to design your pregnancy lifestyle, which includes suggestions like avoiding drinking, smoking, etc. These suggestions will benefit both mother and child throughout and after the pregnancy.

After the 9 months roller coaster ride of pregnancy when the child takes birth, it becomes more crucial to take care of both mother and the child in the first few hours and days post-delivery. The postnatal care begins right after the delivery of the child and lasts up to 6 to 8 weeks.

What is Postnatal Care?

It is specialized care that begins within hours of delivery and lasts up to 6 to 8 weeks. This specialized care includes the prevention, detection, cure, and elimination of health complications. It also includes counselling about topics like breastfeeding, immunization, and interactive sessions. In postnatal care, the mother is given proper rest, nutrition, and vaginal care for her quick recovery from delivery.

Why is Postnatal Care Crucial?

Postnatal care plays a very important role in the quick recovery of the mother from the delivery. It involves the creation of a supportive environment where the health of both the mother and the new baby is well taken care of. In this, the families are guided by the professional team to take care of the mother and the child and the mothers are also taught about how to take care of the baby.

Why choose Bloom Hospitals for both Antenatal and Postnatal Care?

Bloom Hospitals are known for the bestantenatal and postnatal care in Hyderabad. Our obstetricians and maternal care staff are always there to help and guide mothers about various antenatal care options. We offer the best care right from the beginning of the pregnancy to the time of delivery. We also offer support and advisory services along with the medical inputs. We insist our patients attend their regular antenatal and postnatal appointments for the better health of both mother and the child. So patients must visit us for the best prenatal and postnatal care services.


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