8 Tips for Pregnant Women to Stay Safe During Covid-19


Covid-19 is affecting more people in various parts of the world and many countries including India are facing many deaths over recent weeks. Therefore, everyone should know how to stay protected from the Coronavirus. Pregnant women should take extra care because Covid-19 can cause effects on both mother and baby. They should follow the precautionary measures properly to ensure high protection from the virus. This, in turn, gives ways to minimize risks and other complications significantly. 

Here are some tips pregnant women should follow to stay safe during Covid-19. 

  1. Sanitization 

Sanitization is necessary for a pregnant woman to avoid the spreading of the virus. It is wise to wash hands for nearly 20 seconds with soap or sanitizer products. Also, pregnant women should keep tissue papers at reachable places whenever they sneeze which will help sanitize them easily. Sanitizing hands frequently provide ways to stay protected from Covid-19 with high success rates. 

  1. Eating healthy foods 

A pregnant woman should consider taking healthy foods which are rich in nutrients and other ingredients. It is essential to eat protein and calcium-rich foods to keep the baby’s health in a perfect state. Regular intake of a nutrition diet allows pregnant women to minimize unwanted complications. 

  1. Staying away from sick people 

A pregnant woman should stay away from sick people in a home or other place. This is because she can get infections and other illnesses that can lead to various problems. Apart from that, a recent study reveals that infections can result in birth defects. Therefore, it is essential to consider the safety of pregnant women during this pandemic. 

  1. Wearing a facemask 

Wearing a facemask is essential for pregnant women because it plays an important role in preventing the virus that spread through the air and other sources. Nowadays, a wide range of facemasks is available in the markets which cater to the needs of a pregnant woman. She should also avoid touching and rubbing the nose with empty hands. Furthermore, she should avoid touching of eyes and mouth to get more protection from the virus.

  1. Maintaining social distance 

Social distancing is the most important thing to follow to limit the spread of Covid-19. It is the best practice that enables a pregnant woman to stay protected for a long-time. Apart from that, social distancing provides ways to get more safety from Coronavirus. 

  1. Maintaining a clean environment 

Pregnant women need a separate room in a home to avoid contact with sick people and others. Also, it is necessary to maintain the same in a clean condition that will help prevent Covid-19. 

  1. Promoting immunity 

A pregnant woman requires strong immunity to minimize Covid-19 symptoms. Having strong immunity power provides ways to promote overall health thereby showing ways to live a protected life. Pregnant women should consider taking certain supplements to increase immunity levels. 

  1. Consulting with a gynaecologist

Gynaecologists help pregnant women to stay safe during Covid-19. It is imperative to consult with them to perform regular check-ups and other things which pave methods to control the Coronavirus. 


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